Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dug this out from here. What a horror to see my agonising face on one of country's most influential blogger.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


4 hours 48 minutes (watch timing)

Having injury on my right knee after crossing 19km mark somewhere within Ipoh Road. Had my worst and most horrible 42km outing ever. May be dropping out from all 10k and 21k runs till Penang Bridge International Marathon. The crowd atmosphere was the best ever I have experienced in KL Marathon history.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


2 hours 29 minutes 23 seconds (watch timing)

Will update if time permits. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2009



....more updates coming soon,

and road race posts have not been updated so far:

- New Balance 15km
- Bidor Half-marathon
- Orange Run 11km

My blogging mood is currently dormant. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

12.04.09 ORANGE RUN 2009


Post-race (Yuan Yufang from 3rd right!)


Sunday, March 15, 2009


"All's Well That Ends Well' - William Shakespeare.

This famous phrase is aptly referred to this running event. Thanks to my team leader Mr. Ngo for giving me green light to be road traffic controller at left T-junction near IMU today. Otherwise I would be initially stationed at one of the checkpoints within a dull 3km family run route and will never get to see my closest running mates run pass me.

The truth is, I asked Mr. Ngo to swap my position with my pal Deric Cheong without his knowledge 2 days prior the biggie (LOL). So he has to be stationed somewhere within 3km route. Lucky you runners I have made diversion of the traffic flow of runners to the left into IMU / Vista Komanwel area or you would probably get lost somewhere at Happy Garden or worse, Kesas Highway towards Shah Alam !!

7 in the morning, started standing still waiting for runners. 17 minutes later the Men Open category runner Nicolas Merica from Kenya lead the race. Not long, our very own home runner Chow Yew Wei came in bout 6-7th position and Liew in 10th that time.

3 minutes later, Naresh Kumar came in and Ben Swee trailed him about 15 seconds behind. That's also when I started cheering as more and more runners coming towards my right side just after both of them bypassed me.

The tagline 'Looking good, keep it up!' was chosen as to tell them they are in top of their form and to maintain their pace till the finishing point. I also called out most of the names of runner I know to give them a boost of confidence. After cheering 3-4 times, Frank ran passed and softly told me Lynn was trailing behind. One more eye blink, Pui San came in first for Women's Open. One more cheer, Lynn came in second and waving her right hand to me.

Continued cheering, more veteran runners are coming together with middle pack of Open runners. At that moment onwards, I started cheering with an additional word, 'jia you / kar yau' (respectively Mandarin and Cantonese dialect meaning add oil) to encourage them to run with little more speed.
Saw Jamie and Kei Ming within that pack as well.

7:55 am, last 3 runners ran bypassing me. Not so long, the lorry came in and I joined other event team members removing safety cones back to the cargo bay of it and had a ride back to the venue. Reached there 15 minutes later, saw our photographer friend Tey (bunch of thanks for the trouble to come and snap photos) and shouted at him to give me a snapshot which is shown below.

Reviving Winston Churchill's 'V' sign. Victory in ''sweeping' the 10km route clean after removing all safety cones.

Was showing my friends the painstaking signal pose which I did for almost an hour at IMU. Thankfully all 10k runners reached the venue safely. My arms for now, ouch.

Lynn being naughty for a day.

One for the album
. Sleepy head. Almost bonked onto Shihming's head on my right. Special thanks to Ben and Yee Hua (5th and 6th person) for coming here all the way from Singapore to take part. Really missed the bursting of joy and laughter from all of you :)

Almost forgotten my next phrase. Et voila

.....*Joyeux anniversaire Lynn !!!

She also got second for Women's Open in her very own birthday run,
well done !!!

Double joy for you, yes ??

(*Happy Birthday in French)

P/S: Kudos to Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club for organising such a successful event. Received many positive comments and feedback from most of my running mates. Thanks also to Klang Pacers Athletic Club for providing them technical support and advices for this event (hence, safety vest I wore and light baton belong to them). And lo and behold, its president Wong Soon Pin was voicing the countdown to start the run (air horn was faulty).

All comments and feedback on this event are always welcomed. Lastly, thanks for pics provided for this post (you know who are =D ).

Sunday, March 1, 2009


2008: 25min 25sec

2009: 24min 06sec - PB !

Been contemplating for weeks whether to join this event. At my initial thought, I did not want to join as I finished last year's edition miserably and terribly in timing and I swear this is my last time in my lifetime joining this. Since I looked at my pathetic last year's timing and determine to smash it, I decided to join eventually. Signed up a day before closing date.

Looking back at last year's run, After a strong ascent, I was gasping for air at 3-4 stair flights before last water station. At there, had a long break of 5 minutes. Finished the race with extreme dizziness spelt on me.

This year I decided to take this run easy and I choose not to hold grip on stair railings during ascent as I found out it was taxing to my arms and left chest. Instead of sprinting, I ran at leisurely pace during uphill run. There's slight improvement in ventilation. To cut it short, I finished the race in surprising 24min 06sec. That's more than a minute faster with 2-3 extra kilos on my body !

Bumped into Kei Ming, Lionel, Kevin and Andrew at observation deck whom they reached earlier. Was spending some time walking roundabout there to cool down before meet up with others at ground floor. Had conversation and some laughter with Frank, Uncle Choi, Stanley and Cheang there before heading home.

This year's edition brought more joy to me as I finished it faster and stronger. It also may boost my confidence to return next year to better my timing though it's my least favourite event.